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New Construction

Replacement Windows
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New Construction

New construction windows are typically the choice of windows when building a new home or an addition. The more time you spend choosing the best quality new construction window will result in more time you’ll have before needing to replacement windows.

New construction windows can also be used in a replacement project if the old window’s frames, sills or jambs are in poor condition or if the homeowner is changing the opening around an existing window.

New construction windows offer all the same options replacement windows offer in terms of composition, appearance and functionality. However, generally speaking, new construction windows are more substantial than replacement windows.

When shopping for new construction windows there are a few key issues to consider.

Look for The NFRC label. The National Fenestration Rating Council is a non-profit organization that independently rates the energy performance of windows. Look for heat-welded joints as opposed to the new construction window’s sash and frame being mechanically fastened with screws, brackets and caulk. And, as always, choose a company like Rochester Colonial you can trust to stand behind that new construction for years to come.

Replacement Windows

Replacement windows will cut down your energy costs, increase your comfort level and  refresh the look of your home. The most popular materials for replacement windows are vinyl, fiberglass and wood.  Each has its unique benefits.

Vinyl Replacement Windows

Vinyl replacement windows are the most widely chosen replacement window option because they’re affordable, energy efficient and maintenance free. However, though they may all look alike, vinyl replacement windows can vary dramatically in quality. There are 3 main factors that determine the quality of vinyl replacement windows:

Quality of Materials
Vinyl replacement windows are made from the same materials used in plumbing and electrical pipes—PVC. A key ingredient of PVC is titanium dioxide. If a vinyl replacement window does not have enough of it, the window will chalk and/or turn yellow. Steer clear of vinyl replacement windows with a bluish tint.

Vinyl replacement windows are designed with different chambers to lend strength to the window. More chambers equal more strength. Rochester’s climate can be brutal on vinyl replacement windows if they’re not strong enough. Summer heat can soften the vinyl and the weight of the glass can make the window sag. Our winter cold temperatures will then cause that vinyl to harden in its deformed state. When that happens the aesthetics and energy efficiencies of that vinyl replacement window are gone forever. Ask to see a cross section of a vinyl replacement window and count the chambers.

Vinyl replacement windows can be mechanically fastened or heat welded. Screws, brackets and caulk are used in mechanic assembly. Heat welded vinyl replacement windows use the chemistry of PVC to create one piece of vinyl.

The terms single pane, dual pane and Low E are often used in describing vinyl replacement windows. Dual pane means two pieces of glass are sandwiched together to create a buffer of air in the middle to reduce the passage of heat and cold. Low-emissivity (Low-E) coatings control heat transfer. Replacement windows made with Low-E coatings typically cost 10%-15% more but can reduce energy loss by as much as 30%-50%. Argon is a gas that is inserted between dual panes of glass to further reduce energy loss in replacement windows. Any vinyl replacement window with less than a dual pane option will not perform well in Rochester’s climate.

There are literally thousands of companies offering vinyl replacement windows. People are often lured by low prices. Unfortunately, that’s why a good percentage of our vinyl replacement window business is replacing inferior vinyl replacement windows. Don’t make a costly mistake. Call or see one of our window experts before you purchase any vinyl replacement window.

Fiberglass Replacement Windows
Generally speaking, fiberglass replacement windows are stronger, more durable and out-perform other window materials. After years of research, we chose Marvin fiberglass replacement windows because they out-perform all other fiberglass replacement windows.  No other fiberglass replacement window offers more benefits than Infinity Replacement Windows by Marvin. They’re made from Ultrex and their patented process creates a remarkable fiberglass replacement window. Moreover, they have been approved in some municipalities as acceptable replacement windows for landmark homes.

Unique Advantages Of Ultrex

Low maintenance.

Intricate profiles replicate the look of traditional wood windows without the maintenance.

Low expansion provides ease of operation for the life of the window.

Strength keeps windows square and true.

Narrow profiles allow for more glass areas and expanded views.

Superior stability reduces risk of seal failures.

Ultrex provides a 38% longer useful life expectancy than vinyl.

As is the case with vinyl replacement windows, there are many providers of fiberglass replacement windows. Call or see one of our experts who will demonstrate how and why Infinity Replacement Windows are the absolute best value for you and your home.

Wood Replacement Windows
Despite all the new choices in replacement window materials, wood still remains popular especially for people who own landmark and traditional homes. Wood replacement windows have their own unique benefits.

Wood frames have strong insulating qualities.

Wood replacement windows can be offered pre-primed.

The color of wood replacement windows can easily be changed with a coat of paint.

Like vinyl and fiberglass windows, wood replacement windows offer highly efficient glazing options. One of our window experts can help you find the wood replacement window with custom features and hardware that best suits your home.

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