4 reasons the strength of fiberglass windows matter to you

Published February 20th, 2020 by Admin


1) Fiberglass is 8 times stronger than vinyl windows

Upstate New York is notorious for drastic and random changes in the temperature and forecast. To meet these demands, Ultrex fiberglass resists expanding and contracting to protect the integrity of your home.



2) Better view

It is designed with a slim profile that maximizes your views and amount of light coming into your home. Perfect for more daylight and never missing a moment in the yard.



3) Long Lasting

Infinity windows were developed to be the most durable window material in the industry. It resists expanding and contracting in any climate so you get a tight, snug fit, that will last. Your windows will perform exactly the same year after year after year.



4) Less Service Calls

Rochester Colonial specializes in all types of windows from vinyl, wood, to fiberglas. The one constant we see in our service department is fiberglass (Ultrex) is the most service free and durable window material on the market. 



For more information on Infinity products from Marvin and their patented Ultrex Fiberglass, visit: