Wide Open Spaces

Published January 13th, 2017 by Admin

It has become a common trend in homes to find ways to expand the footprint of the living space.  First was the “open concept” floor plan where we removed all interior walls.  People wanted to entertain from the kitchen while being able to visit with guests in the family room.  Open views from one side of the home to the other.


The next trend has been connecting the outdoor living space with the interior of the home.  Every remodeling magazine and television show has been documenting different ways to achieve this.  Full glass doors, became sliding patio doors.  Then, sliding patio doors got larger.  Manufacturers started offering 8ft wide doors in their standard size matrix.  They also introduced the 4 panel open view.  Lift and Slide, Multi-Slide, and even multi-panel bifolding doors have reached our market.


Centor Sliding Glass Door Dark BrownOne manufacture in particular understood that when you have these large openings, there is a challenge to control privacy, light, or even bugs!  They went to the drawing board to develop a bifolding door system with an integrated retracting shade and screen system.  This system became so innovative, that other manufactures have asked to purchase just the screen system as an aftermarket add-on to their previously developed door systems.  Centor Sliding Glass Door Brown


Centor North America can implement their integrated system in any configuration from a single entry at 34 inches in width up to a double folding door system that can reach 31 feet with door panel heights reaching 9 feet tall!


Centor’s innovative design allows the homeowner to unveil a hidden counterbalanced retractable shade across the opening for privacy when the door is closed and locked.  This same system can also unveil a hidden counterbalanced retractable screen.  So when the homeowner is inviting the outdoors inside, they don’t need to deal with the bugs and pests that might want to come with it.Open Sliding Centor Door Dark Brown

Beyond this innovative technology, Centor has created a door that second to none.  It will bring a true high-end touch to any construction project.