How do I clean my retractable awning?

Occasional hosing will prevent dirt accumulation.  Most dirt accumulation can be removed by soap, water and a soft scrub brush.  Rinse thoroughly.  In extreme cases, most dirt can be removed by applying a full or half strength bleach and brushing softly to thoroughly cover the necessary area.  Allow to remain for two to three minutes, then thoroughly hose-rinse, protecting surrounding material or plant growth that might be damaged by bleach.  Material should be thoroughly dry before prolonged storage.

Can I use my awning when it rains?

Retractable awnings are primarily designed to protect you from the damaging and harsh rays of the sun.  These products are not designed for rain protection; however, they can be used in drizzle or misting rains with the proper unit pitch.  They should not be used when strong winds are present.  In heavy or driving rains, the units must be retracted to avoid water from ‘pooling’ on the fabric and causing damage or irreversible fabric stretching.

What happens to retractable awnings in the winter?

Awnings are self-storing when retracted. Many customers remove the loose hanging valance for winter storage. You should make sure that the awning has been brushed clean of debris before storing for the winter.