Camp Good Days

Published September 23rd, 2014 by Admin

As you may recall, there were a few stormy days in May for a local community which caused severe damage and flooding. Families and friends had to come together in order to save local businesses as well as their homes. As the area tried to put the pieces back together, it gave this community an opportunity to show the world, just how committed they were to one another. The rebuilding needed to happen, and in some cases, it needed to happen quick!

Camp Good Days and Special Times is a residential summer camp which provides summer camping experiences for children, adults, and families whose lives have been touched by cancer and other life challenges. They are located on the west leg of Keuka Lake, on the south edge of Branchport, NY and they were in need of some help.

Rochester Colonial caught wind of their needs, and set a mission to help. One cabin in particular had taken on so much water, debris, and mud, that it needed to be rebuilt completely. The original structure was removed and a new cabin was built.

Team Colonial Cares visited the job site on June 18th with a truckload of windows, doors, hammers, ladders, and the manpower to install!! They understood that with the summer approaching, time was important. The camp was only weeks away from their first event of the season.

Ending early into the evening, Team Colonial Cares packed up and went on their way. Leaving the project ready for its next phase of construction, and the camp one step closer to inviting its guests back for the summer.


Installing Windows  Installing a Door  Unloading Rochester Colonial Truck Team with House Under Construction  Unloading Window from Rochester Colonial Truck  Installing Window