It May Be Time to Replace Your Windows: Increase your Natural Light

Published August 16th, 2017 by Admin

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(This is part 2 of a 3-part series to know when and why your home may be ready for replacement windows)


New home renovations have made a push for a focus on natural light. When sunlight can enter your home, it is amazing how much larger and cleaner your home can feel. Some people are ditching the double hung on the rear of their house and placing a patio door while others are installing Bay windows in their living rooms. There are many options to be had. If you feel that your windows are not opening your home up to the beautiful view outside, then searching for a window that does may be a good idea. Changing your single window into a patio door does not need to require a full-scale home reconstruction. Often the job can be completed in one, sometimes two days by experienced workers. Experience the benefits that natural light can offer you in your home.


Benefits of Natural Light:


Save Money and Energy


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With more sunshine, comes more heat in the window. The suns heat means lower energy bills in the winter months. Plus, the added sunlight means you will not need to turn on all the lights in your home, saving energy costs. You will be able to read your favorite book in your living while relaxing in the sunlight. 



Increase Happiness

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Sunlight produces Serotonin in our brain, a hormone that improves mood by alleviating pain. It also releases endorphins, also known as the “feel-good hormones”.  When experiencing those mid-day blues, sometimes all you need is to look out the window and feel the sun’s rays.



Increase Value of Your Home

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Since the big trend is a move towards an integrated indoor-outdoor experience, buyers are willing to spend more to have it. The natural light benefits the home by making the living spaces appear roomier and more open. Plus, windows frame the view of the outside. It will allow you to frame outdoors in the best possible light.



Improves Your Energy

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Sunlight is necessary for a steady circadian rhythm, also known as the body’s natural sleep and wake cycle. The sunlight slows production of melatonin, which is prevalent at night time which makes people tired. By increasing exposure to the sun, the body’s inner clock will get back on track, allowing it to have better sleep at night and more energy in the day.


Thank you for checking out the second part of our 3-part series. In Part 3, we conclude with using windows to Give New Life To Your Home.


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