Our installer Andy, spoke so well of the company for which he works. It was so nice to hear from an appreciative employee. We believe the fact that we have purchased more than 40 replacement windows from you and four doors says it all! Thank you!

Kathleen H April 14th, 2018

Matt Brockler (Salesman) was so kind, attentive, and thorough. Thank you!

Brenda R April 14th, 2018

Nick Sirianni (salesman) was great! He was knowledgeable but was never pushy. Thank you!

Marcia K April 14th, 2018

Andy did a great job with the install. He was very professional, did a very thorough job cleaning up all debris and asked throughout the project if we had any questions. Thanks for great service and a wonderful product. Phil (Salesman) was also very helpful and accommodating!

Bryan K April 13th, 2018

Tony and Craig (Installers) were awesome!!! We were so pleased with the installation process. They were kind, cleaned up everything and worked really quickly! Thanks

Kirsten W April 13th, 2018

Special thanks to Matt B our salesman and Matt F our installer. It was excellent. Very professional - Great attention to detail and very personable.

George A April 9th, 2018

everyone was especially helpful and friendly! I was hesitant to call the office and have someone come out and look at the "sticky crank out window" and even tho the "wavy" screen drove me nuts- I thought just live with it- plus the "old window" was sticky on that side- its just my house. Silly as it may sound. I was encouraged by a local contractor and friend whom remarked how great Rochester Colonial's service was and that it was probably just an adjustment. They 'll fix your screen too. I am so glad i called even a month later! Thank you!

Sharon M April 7th, 2018

Chris - Salesmen. Matt, Bob, Dan And forgot several others- Excellent!!! work. We are so pleased with our new windows the quality and installers outstanding!!!

Donna G April 6th, 2018

Ripley our sales person was very helpful and knew about the products. Our installer was also great. Door looks great. Cleaned everything up! Great work and seem to take pride in what they do. Thank you!

Larry O April 6th, 2018

Excellent service, professional and fabulous products! Love my new door! Both Matt's did a great job! Many thanks to both.

Rebecca R April 5th, 2018